Monday, September 15, 2008

All Kitties Should Wear Diamonds & Glitter

Why do little girls love things that sparkle? Well, I guess it's not just little girls...a lot of big girls do too! Personally, I am not really into lots of glitz for myself, but my daughter can't get enough of it. We were fabric shopping months ago and she spotted this crazy hot pink fabric with cats carrying purses, wearing hats and they were all be-decked in glitter and jewels. It was love at first sight and Abby insisted that we buy some. I added it to my pile and Abby was thrilled. For months it's been hidden away in my stash until just the other day Abby spotted it and "reminded me" that I "needed" to make her something out of it "right now". Hmmmm...what to do with crazy cat glitter fabric. Well, I guess the only logical thing was to go with it and come up with a really fun Baby doll dress to pair up with funky tights. I was honestly pleasantly surprised with how sweet it turned out. Of course Abby absolutely loves it!!!!

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