Sunday, August 3, 2008

Latest Fabric Haul

I went fabric shopping this week. So, much fun. I did very well at JA's! They had a bunch of pretty new prints in and I am itching to play with them. I also hit a wonderful Quilt shoppe in Richmond and found an adorable Japanese print that I had been looking at on line...SCORE!! I couldn't believe they had fabrics from Japan!!! They only had a few but they were just adorable. They also had all of Sandi Henderson's "Farmer's Market" in and Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Annamaria Horner and tons of others. I was completely overwhelmed. Plus I had all of the kids with me so I couldn't really browse for too long. However, I WILL be going back, and next time I will go alone. Now I need to start sewing up some of these.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I just went back today to get the cord heart fabric! I've seen too many cute pics on SM, plus Savannah saw it and wanted it bad :)
Love all of your choices!!!


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