Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Fun Little Craft Project

If your house is like mine you are always searching for a piece of paper and a pen to jot down messages, notes and ideas. Several years ago I came up with this idea to turn simple ball point pens into something pretty and hopefully not loose so many pens. I simply covered pens with floral tape and added silk flowers to turn them into "flower pens". Then I "planted" them in a clay pot with a bunch of river rocks and whaa laa you're done. Pretty and practical. Not to mention, it's kinda fun writing with a flower. Everyone who comes over to our house always smiles when they see my pot of pens. Since then I have made lots of variations and given these to lots of people as fun little gifts. By the way, teachers love these!!!

I have already made a fun step by step tutorial which I hope to have on my "Crafty Bits & Pieces" page within the next few days. Check back and download it to add to your project folder for a fun project to make or a sweet gift to give.

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Amy said...

Hey there... love your blog and have left you a little surprise on my blog. Check it out!

Have a great Monday!


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