"The destiny of nations lies far more in the hands of women, the mothers, than in the possessors of power, or those of innovators who for the most part do not understand themselves. We must cultivate women, who are the educators of the human race, else the new generation cannot accomplish its task."

~ Friedrich Froebel

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Spring Pattern Sale!!!

It's that time of year when we all begin thinking about sewing up pretty new things for Spring wardrobes. I know, I have been itching to stitch up a few new pretty things for Abby myself and I hope to get to it very soon. I have been working on a few ideas in my head and sketching out a few ideas...now to just find the time. Our school schedules have pretty much taken over my life right now which is why I have been so quiet here on my blog. But I cannot tell you how much I miss you all and how I am so anxious to get back to sewing. In honor of Spring being right around the corner, even though many people are still buried in snow. I thought this would be the perfect time to have a pattern sale!!! Time to stock up on all the patterns you have been considering and add them to your collection.

Here's how it works.... Simply purchase as many patterns as you like from my shop. 1, 2, 3, there is no limit! Then email me at Dawn@Olabelhe.com with your wish list for your free pattern/patterns. Please title your email "Spring Sale" so I will get to you right away and email you your complimentary patterns. Spread the word and tell your friends. This is a great time to stock up on Olabelhe Patterns for the Spring & Summer.

Enjoy & Happy Shopping!!!!



Heather said...

Dawn, it's no secret that I LOVE your patterns, so I'm taking advantage of this sale!

You're the best and as a fellow homeschooling mom, I feel you on the school schedule! I am SO very much looking forward to seeing the newest patterns you have for my daughter (who is now in a 12- where did the time go?) to wear!

As always- you rock, and I'm so grateful that you're having a sale!

MaryAnn said...

Ugh! I missed the sale again! Would you consider extending you sale until Sunday? Pretty please!


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