Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 7 of Challenge... Sunny Happy Skies

Here is another one that I found that Miss Abby never got to wear . . . there are quite a few things that I made that she has never ever worn . . so sad. This charming little outfit is extra sweet and would be perfect for a gorgeous beach photo shoot. Here is a photo of of Abby wearing another of these outfits, but this one has been sold already. This is just so you can see how cute this is on.

"Sunny Happy Skies"
This charming little outfit consists of two pieces. The first is a drop waist top made from my "Tess" pattern. This one is made from pale blue with white accents. As you can see it has pretty pale blue buttons all the way down the back and the straps also have buttons which make the straps adjustable to give you a little more wiggle room for your growing girl. The pants are a sweet pair of Capri's made from crisp white with a band of the coordinating blue at the bottom. The little pants have an elastic waist band for ease and comfort and are super comfy. 

Size 8
asking $45.00 + shipping
all sales are final

If you have any questions about this outfit or would like to buy it, 
please email me at

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