Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summertime "Tatum"

This time we went with lots of color. With the end of Summer right around the corner Abby and I took one of our last chances this year to showcase this "Tatum" in a bright and cheerful Summertime print. You can really see the details in my fun little pleated bubble effect in this example. This little skirt can be worn so many ways and I hope I've given you some great ideas as to how you can incorporate this fun little skirt into your young ladies wardrobe. Mixed and matched with pretty tops and sweaters, Tatum is perfect for anytime of year and is sure to become a favorite in her closet.

I want to take a moment to Thank all of you who have sent me an e-mail box full of notes over the past few days expressing your enthusiasm over my new designs. This has truly been a labor of love and as hard as it is to see our little girls grow up this has been so much fun. Abby and I have worked together to come up with ideas that are fashion forward, feminine, and fun for this collection. Every time I create a new piece and try it on her for the first time my heart just bursts. I would have never imagined when I started sewing clothes for her that it would turn into what it has, and now that she is growing up and has ideas and opinions of her own this has really turned into quite the mother-daughter collaboration. The two of us coming up with ideas and them turning them into a reality. Then deciding on how to showcase each of them to inspire you. Lately, one of our favorite parts of the process is putting together the total look for the photos. Shopping for shoes, jewelry, and accessories has become so much fun and  we are having an absolute blast. These little shopping trips give us the perfect opportunity to have special "girl time" time to talk about just about everything without "the boys" around. Oh, some of the stories she tells are priceless. Just the other day I was in tears laughing because she is just so funny! I can promise you NO ONE is going to mess with her. She is one "very spirited" young lady with lots of ideas and I couldn't be more proud. She is going to grow up to be a very strong woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Okay, proud mommy rant over.

Tatum will be arriving in my shop Very Soon!!!



Linda Lee Steaples said...

Oh my Dawn you did a BEAUTIFUL JOB Love your choice of fabrics!!!!! Linda Lee

Rachel Proffitt said...

Love those sherbet like colours :)

I don't suppose you have a pattern in mind with a lovely overskirt do you? DD saw some fabric today she loved- it was a sheer fabric, and she wanted it LOL


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