Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Broken Hearted

These past few days have been very emotional at our house. Our precious little Lucy became very ill and we rushed her to the vet. After a few days of trying desperately to make her better we had to say goodbye as there was nothing more that we could do to help her. We are all devastated with the loss of our sweet little girl, but I have been doing my best to comfort my kids by reassuring them that she is no longer hurting and that she is in a better place now. As the news came in from the Dr's that she was not improving the kids asked what they could do. The only thing I could tell them was to hope for a miracle and that's exactly what happened. Lucy got her kitty angel and she is now exactly where she is meant to be. 


Laurie said...

The loss of a family pet is always hard. Peace to you all.

kathy said...

Aw, how sad. What a beautiful kitty. I hope she's happy in kitty heaven.


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