Monday, June 10, 2013

Introducing Miss Felicity!

Today I am working on the final touches of putting together my latest pattern, "Felicity". I designed this one specifically with girls of different ages in mind. Perfect for little ones through to "tweens" this one is sure to be a big hit. Plus, it has a lot of bonus features. Mainly comfort of course, but beyond that it can be worn in many different ways which makes it even more exciting. Felicity has a series of buttonholes and extra long straps which can be arranged in many different ways to create several different looks. How cool is that!? The first time Abby saw this dress she said "Mommy, you've really outdone yourself this time!" and she asked if she could try it on right away. Once it was on it was pure happiness. Not too babyish, but still very girly with a few more "grown-up" options. Here are a few pictures illustrating some of the fun options you can choose from.

 Option #1
Bows in the front with 

Criss-crossed straps in the back

Option #2
Straps through the button holes in the front . . .

Criss-crossed in the back and then tied into bows

or . . .
Option #3
Worn as a halter using just one strap and tied into one bow in the front....

So, as you can see "Felicity" has lots of fun options for a variety of different looks.
"Felicity" will be in the shop within the week.



Karen said...

LOVE this . . I'm so looking forward to this pattern coming out!!

Ronda said...

Love it! been waiting for you to work your magic lol

Sona said...

Oh! You have really outdone yourself! And the fabric choices are fab!

Goosegirl said...

Oh it is beautiful Dawn!!

Dandelion Pixie said...

Yay I'm excited xxx


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