Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ship Shape!

Finally, at long last something new! I just wanted to give you a little peak at something I am working on. With halter tops and dresses being all the rage I decided to give my hand a try at designing one with an Olabelhe flair. To be honest, Abby and I are both loving this one. So fast and easy and super comfy. By now, I've made her about six or seven of these while testing this new design out and it's a winner. The pattern is in the works and I hope to release it soon so you can start making them up for your little girl. Abby and I have named this one "Paige". Paige goes together in a flash. and couldn't be easier. You are just going to love it. Can you believe how much she's grown since you've see Abby last? My little girl is really growing up.


Ronda said...

so adorable Dawn! I know my girls will want this one too. Abby has grown up before our eyes. She is a beautiful young lady.Dad will need to sit at the door with a shot gun before too

Rachel Proffitt said...

She really has grown! I love her outfit too- especially the ship fabric!

Nancy said...

This is absolutely adorable!! Can't wait to see what sizes it will be offered in.

Thanks for the Sneak Peak!!

Huggs, Nancy

Marian Muxlow said...

Really sweet!! I can't wait to make it for my granddaughters!

Kinderkouture said...

Oh Dawn, this is such a great outfit for Abbey. She looks so grown up and so tall! Lovely, simply lovely girl and outfit.


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