"The destiny of nations lies far more in the hands of women, the mothers, than in the possessors of power, or those of innovators who for the most part do not understand themselves. We must cultivate women, who are the educators of the human race, else the new generation cannot accomplish its task."

~ Friedrich Froebel

Monday, February 4, 2013

More Clothes For Kirsten

I've been really busy stitching up new outfits for Miss Kirsten. Yes, a few of them are not exactly what I would call "Kirsten-esque" type outfits . . . but Abby just loves them. I, on the other hand want to make things for her that are authentically Scandinavian. I took my inspiration from looking though my books filled with illustrations from one of my favorite artists, Carl Larsson. I love the colors in his paintings deep dark blues and greens mixed with tomato reds and soft yellows and whites. This outfit has many individual pieces the petticoat, blouse, skirt, pinafore and the little cap. I designed everything and took ideas from some of my Olabelhe patterns and shrunk them down to doll size. I still have to add the closures to the back of the pinafore, as you can see there is still a small pin. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this new found passion. Plus, my model is much more cooperative! 

Sorry the photos aren't the best, but the sun was going down so I had to use artificial light and I am not at all good with photos with indoor lighting. 

Hmmmmmm. . . what shall I make her next?



Bethany Lynn said...

Absolutely adorable!

barb said...

I love it. Looking for dolls now.

Sona said...

These are absolutely fab. You should do doll clothing patterns. :-)

Ronda said...

too cute!

Misty said...

I love it!!! I agree...you should do doll clothing patterns!!!

grandmarockton said...

I want to be your daughter, Too!


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