Saturday, November 10, 2012


One of the greatest joys that being a pattern designer has for me is when I see and hear that you are having fun with my patterns. I cannot tell you how much I love hearing from you and when you take the time to send me photos of your little girls all dressed up in your Olabelhe creations! Over the past few years I have received hundreds and hundreds of lovely letters and photos from you sharing with me and I Thank You for that! Yesterday, I received these gorgeous photos from Debra. This amazing outfit was to be her entry for our costume contest however, due to Hurricane Sandy she wasn't able to get the photos to me in time. When I received her email and photos I was speechless and I when I emailed Debra back to Thank her for sharing these with me, I asked her permission to share her photos with you. Yes, this is "Heidi"all done up in SteamPunk style. I absolutely love it and I am inspired! I adore every inch of this, the amazing attention to details, the colors, the accessories, and of course Debra's gorgeous little model. So, please keep the photos coming! I may just post your photos to inspire others as well as myself. Abby just might have a "SteamPunk" outfit in her closet sometime in the near future. Thank you Debra for your beautiful work and for allowing me to share these with everyone!

Oh, BTW Debra is planning to offer this AMAZING outfit in her Etsy store. If you are interested email me for more information.



Karen said...

Absolutely in love with this one!!

Megan Johannesen said...

Wowza is right!! Pity this entry didn't make it in time. It is a stunner!! I am inspired now too, thanks for sharing!

Bolo heads said...

I am glad that she was late with her entry, I would have lost to her for sure.

Bolo heads said...

I am glad that she was late with her entry, I would have lost to her for sure.


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