Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Official. . . I'm A Crazy Cat Lady!

Talk about cuteness overload!

Well, as you can see Charlie came home to join his brother and sister yesterday. As if by some miracle the people who had planned to adopt him came in to the shelter to sign the papers and suddenly they changed their mind...? The people at the shelter called us and said if we still wanted him he was all ours. Within minutes after their call Elliott and I were on our way to get him and bring him home. So, this little family is back together and they are doing fantastic and we are all enjoying our "Kitten-Moon". We've spent the past three days loving on them more than you can imagine and currently they are the center of our universe. We are spending time getting to know each of their "Purr-sonalities" and they are clearly very different. Linus is the leader of the pack and the biggest, he's the one with the distinctive marks on his body that look like stripes. Linus is also the biggest trouble maker and into everything! He and Charlie are quite a pair, figures they are both boys! Charlie is the second largest and very light with almost the exact same markings as Lucy which makes it a bit tricky to figure out who is who but he is just a little bigger than her and clearly more adventuresome. Lucy is the only girl and she is the smallest and the calmest of the bunch. I have a feeling she is going to be a lap cat and very sweet. The boys on the other hand, I'm sure are going to tear this place up. Currently we are using our master suite as the kitten nursery and Abby has moved in with me for a few days and Ole is sleeping upstairs. Mainly so he can actually sleep! The kittens are very active at night and keep Abby and I up for hours, but we are not complaining. last night the nursery was a bit like a kitten pinball machine with 3 crazy kittens bouncing off the walls at 4am. Then in all the excitement Charlie had a little pee pee accident on our bed, so I was stripping the bed at 4:30 and doing laundry. Gosh, this brings back memories of when the kids were little. It's truly like having a baby in the house again but this time it's triplets! What were we thinking???



Nancy said...

Cats are awesome!! I have 6! They just kind of wandered up to the house, and being a crazy cat lady myself, I couldn't turn them away. Your triplets look like a lot of fun! So nice to be able to keep a little family together!

Grandsie's Sew Busy said...

How wonderful -- what a special family! Your new little ones are


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