Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun With "Kinley"

While "Kinley" is out with my testers I decided to have some more fun with her as well. I can't tell you how much fun this pattern is to put together and easy too. In fact, one of my testers reported in and said "that she and her 9 year old daughter were putting their kilt together and even her 9 year old was having fun with this one." I see so many possibilities with this design and as I said before, it's written in a way that you get to customize it to be the perfect fit and length just with a few simple measurements. So, far today I have made up these two in between baking bread, home school lessons, laundry and so on and so forth. Therefore, it's pretty obvious that this is fast and easy.

First off, I made one up with some flannel I had in my stash and then paired it up with a sweater that Abby had from last year that still fits. Yeah, another outfit for fall. Then I made up the next one in some classic red plaid wool and paired it up a little blouse and a navy blazer over the top. Just imagine this with knee socks and little navy Mary Janes, cute cute cute!!! Next, I want to make one out of some soft denim, perhaps with a different colored stitching to add some interest and then one in yummy baby wale cord...and then maybe one in pique, or twill, Oh...the possibilities are endless and so much fun. You are going to love this pattern!!!


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Charmaine McLaughlin said...

Your creativity never ends! I love what you put together! The world needs more cute classic styles like yours for little girls instead of trying to make them all look like teenagers. Keep em comin!


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