Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To School

With "Kinley" just a few days away from it's release Abby and I decided to go out today and do a little photo shoot with her in one of my favorite outfits that I put together using "Kinley". I have to say this photo shoot was an absolute hoot because of the fact that we home school our children so Abby was a little upset by the fact that I chose to go to a traditional school to take these pictures. However, after a brief explanation she understood that I was just wanting to "set the mood" for the photos and then she "got it"! This pattern is so much fun and I've got a stack of "Kinley's sitting on my cutting table all finished and I have heard back from my testers and everything is a go. I just have to put the few finishing touches on the pattern and then I will release it. Just remember this pattern is completely customizable and you can adjust the length of the kilt to any length you like. Above the knee, at the knee or below it's up to you to choose. Keep a close watch for news of "Kinley" arrival in my shop and  all you other favorite shops that carry my designs.



Rachel Proffitt said...

This one DOES look very cute like this :) I love the blazer ;)

Tonyslady said...

Adorable i can't wait to get this pattern.. I have to ask tho, Where did you get the blazer?? It is soo cute and would be great for the cooler months here (if there is any we are in tx after all)

Dawn said...

Believe it or not I found the little blazer at TCP. It's actually really cute isn't it? There was a little emblem on the pocket but Abby and I didn't care for it so we got out the seam ripper and within a few seconds it was gone. Now, it's just what we were looking for to go with this look.


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