Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I just wanted to check in for a quick update. Things are starting to fall into place amidst all this chaos. I have hired contractors and the work to rebuild begins this Friday! This is one of those times when I am really thankful that I am so freakishly organized. We have decided to take the plunge and re do our entire kitchen. Crazy I know, but after we started getting the "numbers" back from the insurance company for all the jobs that needed to be done we started thinking that we might as well take this opportunity to get what we really want instead of just fixing what we didn't like. Needless to say I can now add kitchen designer/planner to my list of accomplishments. Talk about getting an education with everything that's involved in a remodel and we are not even adding on or changing walls just putting in new cabinets, adding additional cabinets, new counter tops, and new flooring. It's all very exciting, but also stressful. Coordinating all the dry wall guys, painters, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and flooring people has become my life for the past week. The great news is that when it's done it's going to look really awesome, I hope! In my mind I love it but, I just hope it all turns out as I imagine it. A few more pieces still have to fall into place and fingers crossed I can find the flooring that I want. I have a meeting at the flooring store this afternoon and hopefully they have what I'm looking for and that it fits into the budget. My studio is also getting a make over with new floors and a fresh paint job. If all goes well they are telling me it "could" be all done in about three weeks! Which would be awesome because I hate that I'm falling behind schedule with everything I had planned for Olabelhe this Spring/Summer. Fingers crossed that it all goes as planned without any major hiccups! 



Ronda said...

Great news!!!! You will be so glad that you redesigned your kitchen, I was so happy to look at my new Kitchen it almost made the mess all worth it. Hoping all works out well today at the floor place.

Laurie said...

Moving forward is good. I'm still waiting on mine. The good news is my college student graduated so maybe he will have time to plan before he finds a job.


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