Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Fashioned Fun On The Farm

This afternoon I took Abby & Henry to visit our friend Zena at her farm. She was hosting a special day for kids with lots of farm animals, planting in the garden and then the biggest hit of all. After the kids were finished holding baby chicks, petting bunnies, horses, cows and goats and playing in the dirt they got to wash up wish homemade laundry soap made by my dear friend Tiffeni and they also go to try out washing the old fashioned way with a washboard and elbow grease and then they hung up their wash cloths on the clothesline to dry. I have to say that was a huge hit with not only my kids but all of them. They were standing in line to wash up....if only! After we had played and played we stopped by Zena's farm stand to get baskets of freshly picked strawberries, locally grown and also a bunch of rhubarb. I just couldn't resist and I knew it would make a certain 12 year old of mine REALLY happy because strawberry-rhubarb pie is one of his favorites!!! So, I'd better get into the kitchen and get working on that pie. Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday as well!


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