Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Bunny Rescue

We had lots of excitement last night. Just as we were all getting ready to watch Glee, Ole heard a strange noise coming from outside and went to investigate. Milo had caught another baby bunny and within a fraction of a second, Abby, who was fresh out of the bath was on the job. She barely had her nightgown on and she was out the door to save the bunny. A few minutes later she emerged with a very scared baby bunny in her hands. Once again, saving another bunny from the jaws of death and so thrilled with the outcome. Another animal rescue to her credit. It's truly amazing to me how she has such a way with all living things and how much they trust her. This little one even though he/she was terrified and traumatized was so clam in her hands. Abby really is a little Dr. Dolittle in training. Once Milo was safely in the garage and not able to terrorize any more bunnies last night the little one was set free and hopefully is now far away from Milo's wrath.


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Rachel Proffitt said...

We once found two tiny babies in our back yard... my 8 year old was so excited with them... she still talks about them!


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