Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Olivia's Dress Sewing Contest!

The Rules:

1. You must use my "Olivia's Dress" pattern as the starting point of your creation!
2. You must have a blast being creative & using your imagination 
to create something that will knock our socks off.
3. To enter the contest you must submit a photo of your creation to me
via email to by no later than March 31, 2012.
4. You may enter as many times as you like each time with a different creation using my 
'Olivia's Dress" pattern as the base of your creation.
5. Use as many fabrics as you like, be creative with ribbons, trim, lace, etc. 
Add other elements to the dress like pockets, a sash or ruffles. 
That's all I am going to say the rest is up to you!

The more creative you are. . . the better!!!
We will be looking for clever and inventive ideas, great use of colors, and overall design.
Be sure to put your best foot forward with your photos as well,
 that's all we will have to judge by.

The Prizes:

1. 5 Olabelhe patterns of your choice.
2. The entire set of New Olabelhe Summer patterns to be released in May!
3. From Allegro Fabrics ~ 2 yards of your choice of quilters cotton fabrics.
4. From Fairytale Frocks & Lollipops ~ A $25 gift certificate to use on anything at FF&L.
5. From Kinder Kouture ~ A $25 gift certificate!

1. 3 Olabelhe patterns of your choice.

The Judges:

1. Me
2. Linda from Allegro Fabrics
3. Terri from Fairytale Frocks & Lollipops
4. Jeannine McCloskey from "Kinder Kouture"

Please note: When you submit your photos you give me permission to 
share it with the other judges as well as posting it on my website. It may show up other places on the web as well. For instance it may be shown on Facebook or someone may "Pin It' on Pinterest as a design inspiration. 

You can purchase the "Olivia's Dress" pattern from, Allegro, Fairytale Frocks &, or other shops.

Good Luck!
We can't wait to see what you come up with!

The winners will be announced on April 1st, 2012


chickadee said...

This will be so much fun!!!! Can't wait to get started!!!!!

IMAN said...

Sooooo fun!
Do you accept international participants? :)

IMAN said...

Sooooo fun!
Do you accept international participants? :)

Fabienne said...

Thank you ! I surely want to participate... This is fun...

Dawn said...

Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am to see what you all come up with!!! Yes, International participants are welcome!!! The more the merrier.

ShirleyC said...

I'd love to enter, but the deadline doesn't give much time, and I don't even have the pattern. :(

Dawn said...


You can purchase the E-pattern and have it instantly. Just simply print out the pattern pieces on your printer. There is no taping or piecing with this pattern and it's honestly a lot of fun to make.

ShirleyC said...

Thanks, Dawn, but I really wanted to order more fabric, and I have 2 projects going right now. I wish it wasn't such a busy time - really! LOL

Karen said...

ooh I was going to say I had checked the two Australian suppliers I knew of and neither had it in stock - epattern here I come!!

audreysattic said...

Just so I have it straight.... only one photo of each dress can be sent?

Thank you


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