Saturday, February 25, 2012

Olivia, The Trouble Maker!

I think I finally have this little dress figured out. After making the first two I discovered a few things which really bothered me about the original design. It was pulling in places where it shouldn't pull and although it was pretty minor it really bothered me. So, for the past few days I have been making lots of variations of this little dress until I figured out a way to solve the problem. This time, I think I finally got it right and after a few sleepless nights of thinking about how I could tweek it, get it to stop pulling and maintain the integrity of the original dress that everyone, including myself liked so much. I was determined to get it right. It fits Abby perfectly, she loves it and I am finally happy with how the dress fits. Now, I can finally come up for air and take a little break. However, tomorrow I want to start working on putting the pattern together, but maybe I will make one or two more just to be sure. Plus, I have to say these are really fun to make and they go together pretty quickly as well. I should know, I have a pile of them here that I have made over the past few days.

Even after I thought I had finished the dress I was still feeling like it was missing something, so I played around with the idea of adding some red rick-rack to this sweet little dress and here are the results. Sorry about the less than perfect photo, but I did this last night after the sun had gone down and had to use artificial light. I am very pleased with the addition and love the way the dress looks now. What do you think? Amazing what a little rick-rack can do!



Laurie said...

This looks nice! Congratulations on persevering through the issues on it.

Ronda said...

I love it! Its perfect and now I know why I love your patterns so much. You have worked out all the kinks so they look beautiful.

Samantha said...

You could do that rick rack as piping instead as an option. It does look nice with that addition of color there at the waist.


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