Monday, February 27, 2012

Euro Sugar Rush!

Ole returned home last night after his trip to Germany. The kids and I are just thrilled to have him home. As always he returned with a suitcase full of Euro treasures most of which are edible. Tons of chocolates including the new maxi size Kinder Eggs which we had never seen before, a mountain of Ritter Sport bars in so many varieties, giant Bounty bars, Milka, and of course a ton of GummiBears. he also smuggled in a few bottles of Euro orange Fanta which we all just love. It's nothing like the American version it's much lighter in taste kinda more like Orangina. Needless to say we are savoring every sip. I can't remember the last time we had this much sugar in the house, but what the heck this only happens every few years.

Ole also surprised Abby with a sister for Diddlina! Meet Diddltina, apparently one of the very last special edition Diddl's in Europe and possibly the world. She was found in a toy shop on a back shelf all alone in Austria! Needless to say, he couldn't resist and she was instantly adopted and came home to be with her sister. Diddlina is over the moon to have her twin sister with her and the two of them have already been into lots of mischief this morning and Abby hasn't stopped smiling. I am sure you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of them here.

The other big surprise was a stuffed "Gummibear" for Henry. If you have never seen this video on YouTube you are in for a "treat". My kids discovered this a few years ago and it has been a long time favorite especially with Henry. So, he was thrilled when he discovered a plush version in Ole's suitcase.
So today I am sure we are going to be bouncing off the walls, both because of the sugar but mostly because we are all so happy to have Ole back home!!!

Here's a link to the YouTube Gummibear have been warned, this may bring on complete silliness and it will get stuck in your head!



Fabienne said...

All the good stuff from Germany.... Enjoy :-))))

Leslie R said...

Those giant eggs are always a huge hit at our house too!


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