Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Trouble With Terri!

Remember this dress? A few days ago, without me knowing, Terri from FF&L decided to stir the pot just a little. She posted a photo on her FB page of a dress that I had made for Abby ages ago and asked her followers what they thought and that's where the trouble began! The response was huge and dozens of people responded with wonderful comments and pleas for me to make a pattern for the dress. Then I began receiving a bunch of emails with the same request. Well, I hadn't planned on turning this design into a pattern any time soon, but because of Terri's mischief and so many people wanting this design how could I say no?  So, today I am working on this new pattern. When Abby saw what I was working on she got all excited and said..."I remember that dress!" and she is very anxious to see the new one come together. She is in my studio right at my side helping and making all kinds of suggestions. She's also making her own version for her stuffed zebra named "stripes". This should be interesting!



Laurie said...

Terri can be so sneaky. I saw what she was up to!

Terri said...

I have never seen such a huge response. This dress MUST be a pattern! Thanks Dawn!

Jeannine said...

Oh yeah. I am going to wedding in May and this would be perfect for Olivia. :)


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