Monday, October 17, 2011

More New Stuff To Show You . . .

Here are two more new patterns I have been working on...told you I have been busy! The pinafore is called named "Grace" and it's so sweet and goes with several things. Remember this summer when I made this outfit? 

Well, this is that pinafore! I just loved the way it turned out and knew it would be a great piece in the Olabelhe collection. Just in case you are wondering the dress underneath is named "Sarah" and that one will be out next Spring because the time for sleeveless dresses has passed for this year. But I have been playing around with another long sleeved dress that could also work under this pinafore. Then there is "Shannon" which is the skirt. Remember this outfit? This is "Fiona" and "Shannon" is the skirt that goes underneath Fiona, and yes, Fiona will be out next Spring as well.

You may have noticed that I am wanting to make more separates so that you can mix and match and create your own unique look. Abby and I are certainly having fun coming up with cute ways to wear a lot of different combos so I thought you would too. "Grace" & "Shannon" are almost done as well and should become available within the next few weeks. Told you lots of new stuff was coming.

Oh, case you are wondering..."What's up with the big hair bows?" Abby and I decided to grow out her bangs due to a very obnoxious cowlick that she has. So, she is at that awkward time when they are still to short and she can't tuck them behind her ear and they are too long to do much else with other than try to hide them the best way possible so they aren't hanging in her face. So, her collection of hair accessories has been growing and she really loves the big bows.. according to Abby "They are cute and girly!"



Ronda said...

Abby looks so grown up!Maybe its the bangs but I think she has gotten alot taller too. love that we get to look ahead to next spring summer collection and love the versitility in the new pieces. Waiting patiently for more fall/winter patterns (I look daily). My grandaughters love the outfits I have made from your line (and so do my church moms!)

Jeannine said...

Love the patterns, and your designs. I was looking for the Sarah pattern, but became even more excited when you mentioned a long sleeve pattern. I can wait, but I hate to do it.
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