Monday, October 24, 2011

A is For Apple

What to do on a perfect Autumn afternoon? Have a special Girls Day Out with Abby. We decided to go over to CW  which is basically in our backyard, and go for a walk and take in this beautiful day. Along our walk we happened into our favorite candy shop and they were making delicious caramel apples so of course we had to try one. Abby was so funny, with her new teeth all coming in and in various stages of completion and she was trying and trying to find good angles so she could actually bite into the thing. Great way to torture your them a caramel apple when they are missing half of their front teeth. But as usual she was a great sport and we sat on a bench people watching and sharing our apple. All I can say is this is "the good stuff" simple moments shared with the people you love the most. Not to worry the boys were all at home having special "guy time" with their dad! 

BTW Abby is wearing yet another "Claudia" and guess what, it has apples on it and so do her red shoes!



barb said...

Cute post!

db said...

love that outfit. Did you also make the red jacket? If so - which of your patterns did you use?

Dawn said...

No, I can't take credit for the sweater. It's Gymboree. We buy a few pieces from gymbo every once in a while to mix and match with the clothes I make for Abby like t-shirts, tights, sweaters and so on. I just wish I knew how to knit because I have so many ideas for pretty sweaters I would love to make but that's something I haven't learned how to do...yet!


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