Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Okay!

Okay, that was scary!!! We never, and I do mean NEVER EVER have quakes here!!! Thankfully nothing broke but the light fixtures were swinging and it did knock a few things over. We have heard on the news that it was a 5.9 and that the epicenter was only about 40 miles from us!! Needless to say we are all completely freaked out and the kids are camped out not far from mom. I have to admit my heart was in my throat for about 10 minutes afterwards and my heart is still pounding! Please pray that there are no aftershocks.



Jean MN said...

Glad to hear you are fine! Felt it up here just outside of Boston.

Fabienne said...

Just heard about it on the news in Germany and I thought of you and looked right away on your homepage! I am glad to hear you and your family are OK...

Laurie said...

I was driving home from work and heard the news! I thought of you and my sister in law that is in Harrisonburg, VA. Glad to hear all is (reasonably)OK. I also heard it was felt in Lansing, MI, not too far from me. Will pray about the aftershocks.

This will be a great tie in to a home school science lesson.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much to everyone! I have been receiving emails and phone calls all day from friends and family making sure we are all okay and we are. Although it's been very difficult to concentrate on much of anything else. Of course my little munchkins were completely fascinated and couldn't wait to do research on earthquakes in VA and tsunamis and so on. They are so funny! but what a great way to start on an interesting beginning of science this year for school.

Ellie Inspired said...

So glad you guys are okay, Dawn. My grandparents and aunt and uncle live right where the epicenter was and it was scary, especially for the kids in school. I just got off the phone with the my grandma after the 3rd aftershock. Will be thinking and praying for all of you for safety tonight.

Phillipa said...

We know exactly how you feel down here in Christchurch NZ. Thank goodness it wasnt as bad as ours here.
But even so, they are Scary.
Thinking of you all.
Regards Phillipa
from the very shaky but still beautiful
Christchurch. New Zealand


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