Saturday, August 13, 2011


This week has been filled with all kinds of happenings. First, and most exciting I had my new intern start on Tuesday and she is WONDERFUL! Her name is Gabi and you will be hearing a lot more about her. We connected a few weeks ago when she sent me a very sweet email. She lives here in Williamsburg very close to us and she will be here with me in the studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also am gearing up for our big sewing retreat coming up in 10 days. Planning and preparing everything I need to schlepp to Blackstone, VA for 4 intense days of sewing and lots of fun. The great news is this year my dear friend Karen is flying in from Chicago to join us. I have another big project I am working on, so those four days will be dedicated to working on lots of projects for that. I have also been busy packing and shipping my new sewing kits. I've also been starting to get back into school mode, we haven't started back to the kids studies quite yet but I am busy getting my lesson plans in check and trying to figure out how to juggle everything I have to do. Here are a few more photos of one of my kits. This time it's "Jillian", and although these photos show this with a simple tank underneath remember it would look incredibly sweet with a long sleeved T as well for the cooler temps which will soon be here, I hope!

Enjoy your weekend!


Laurie said...

My beautiful box of fabric showed up yesterday! Just love the yellow flora print. My Sew Beautiful has not. I already know that it will not be nearly as much fun as the last one.

Too bad I live so far away. I'd love to help too. The retreat sounds sew fun!

Jan said...

Tell us more about the retreat. I wish I could come!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful, beautiful dresses! And your gorgeous studio is an inspiration! Makes me want to go and clean up mine!


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