Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who Says Muslins Can't Be Cute?

Whenever I experiment with a new idea I always use cute fabrics. After all, if it works, then it's another outfit to add to Abby's wardrobe. Yesterday, while waiting for my parents to arrive from New York I decided to mess around with another idea. Abby got in on the act and helped me pick out the fabrics. She picked out this really cute Matryoshka doll fabric that I had picked up ages ago at Hancock's and she asked for it to be "funky"! Now, you know me ... I tend to go more classic and romantic, so "funky" is a bit of a stretch for me but I gave it a shot and this what I came up with. Abby loves it and it was finished shortly before Grandma & Grandpa arrived. I will be a little busy for the next few days. My parents are here and Ole leaves today to fly to Boston for week to speak at a conference at his alma mater, MIT. I have to admit I am a little envious that he is going to Boston. That is where we met and where I lived and went to school, and I love it there...sigh. Oh, well maybe next time. I have too much to do here anyway and it would not have been a terribly romantic trip if we had the kiddos in tow. The next few days will be fun filled and exhausting...they always are when G'ma & G'pa are in town. Lots of swimming and maybe a trip up to DC to go to Ikea. They leave to head home on Wednesday and then I am going to get back to work. So, if I'm kinda quiet over the next few days you'll know why. Oh, and believe it or not, Abby has actually asked if she can wear her new outfit to the airport this morning to see Ole off, She must really like it. Hope you are all staying cool. It's So HOT here we are all ready to melt. I really don't like Summers in Virginia!


BTW, did you see my other sewing assistant in the first photo? One of Milo's favorite places to hang out is on my cutting table which makes cutting fabric quite the challenge.


Ronda said...

Abby is going to be a great designer/seamstress someday! Have a great time with your family this week. I am going to work on some dresses maybe Meg? I have got to find the perfect material... the search in on.

Rettabug said...

This is just precious, Dawn! You have a very creative mind.

Did you get my emails? I sent two regarding an error. Please contact me via my blog when you can.



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