Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting To Know You!!!

No cute dresses, skirts, or funny kid stories today. I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime. On my blog on the bottom right hand side there is a widget called feedjit. That little addition to my blog has been so much fun because it's where I can see where all of you are visiting from but sadly all I can see is "where" you are coming from and nothing else. This post is curious me wanting to get to know more about the people who come here to visit me and a chance for you to say "Hi" and tell me a little more about yourself! That way when I see that someone from,  let's say... Bessemer, Alabama comes I can say I know who that is...and I do! Hi, Sam!!! So, please leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself. I am so curious to know who you all are. A lot of you come to visit on a regular basis and never say "hello" well this post is all about you. Don't be shy, just take a few minutes to say "Hello"!

Keep the comments coming.. I am having so much fun getting to know so many of you!



Jan said...

Hi Dawn, I happened on your blog from somewhere else and was immediated hooked by your beautiful photography and gorgeous dresses (Abby's a little doll). I showed my local shop owner your blog and she's hooked as well. I am sewing up a sample for her of Natalie. My sewing is all for little girls these days, so it's fun to see your color combinations. You have such talent with color. Thanks for your hard work.

Misty said...

Hi Dawn! I love your blog! Your beautiful dresses inspire me to sew. :) I have four children, two boys and two girls. I love sewing for all of them! The oldest girl is 9, but she wears a size 8...so I am lucky that she still fits into your patterns! She loves pretty, feminine clothes, and I'm glad that I can sew because it is hard to find modest, age-appropriate clothing for her in the stores. My youngest girl is a tiny 16 month old, so she doesn't fit your pattern size range yet, although I wish I could make some of your beautiful creations for my smallest princess!
You might also like to know that I "copied" your idea for using the two IKEA bookshelves to make a cutting table! :) I'm so thrilled with it I can't see straight! I had to pay the outrageous shipping charges because I live near Nashville, TN, and we don't have IKEA. ;( It was worth it, though! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I live in Tulsa, OK.
I'm from Sewing Mamas and I bought my first Farbenmix pattern after your awesome SNSs Remember all of those sweet little Caras? :)
Caroline, my youngest has just turned 7 and still loves everything I sew. I need to sew more, but it's so much fun spending time online looking for ideas!

Dawn said...

Jan, Misty & Karen

Thanks so much for saying "hi"! I had a lot of fun reading your posts.

~ Jan, thank you for local shop keeper about me. I truly appreciate it and hope that my patterns do well in her shop!

~ Misty, did you used to be on SewingMamas as well? I am so flattered that you borrowed my idea for the cutting table...isn't it a dream!? I adore mine. We don't have an Ikea super close but the 2 hour drive is always fun and I never come home without a car full of goodies! I love that place.

~Karen, yes, I do remember you from SM. Yes, I do remember making all those sweet little Cara's for Abby. I always loved that design. I know the feeling about spending time on-line looking for inspiration. It's addicting. Have you checked out Pinterest? It's a fantastic way to organize all the great stuff you see on line and make "pinboards" to organize your favorites. You should check it out. I have a link on my blog on the side...it's the big "P".

Okay ladies...I see that a bunch of you are coming and too many of you are being quiet...I am so anxious to hear from more of you!


SewMentalMama said...

Ok so, you've twisted my arm ;-)
I'm Angela, from Ireland (it probably comes up as Cork), and I follow your blog. I pop in regularly for inspiration and to have a look, and really, you never disappoint - such gorgeous, gorgeous dresses. I have 3 boys and a girl also, and she's my youngest. I can safely say I'd never be sewing if she wasn't born. She was 2 yrs when I started sewing and though I sew a little for my sons, I also have 14 nieces that I sew dresses for occasionally. Most of the patterns I use are European, with some Japanese and US also. I haven't sewn from any of yours, and I know I need to remedy that soon :-) So wonderful to watch your progress from sewing for your daughter to having your own pattern line - well-deserved success, Dawn.

Aunt Honey said...

Hi Dawn. I'm in Savannah, GA, and it's hot, hot, hot right now. Breaking all the heat records. I love your blog, and your creations, and Abby is precious! I have 2 grown sons, and I am hoping for weddings and grandchildren, hopefully not in the too distant future. I'm currently sewing for 3 grandnieces and 4 grandnephews, and a few customers. Smocking is my passion, but when I venture away from bishops and yoke dresses, I love using your patterns.

kathy said...

I'm Kathy from Bellingham WA, way up north near the Canadian border. I found you from Zura of sewretrochic. Zura made such cute versions of your dresses. I sew for my two little girls and also sometimes for others.

Lee said...

Hello, my name is Jo, and I live in Nebraska. I have 5 children. Several years ago, I inherited three sewing machines, and I didn't know how to sew! I'm still a beginner, but I love sewing, especially for my two daughters. These days I'm completely infatuated with all things smocking. I really enjoy reading your blog for all the beautiful inspiration!

Stephanie said...

I bug you from time to time but I'll give you an official hello. I've also got a sewing blog now and would love a visit from the one and only Dawn. I've ogled your work for years now and am waiting for Lydia with baited breath.

Mrs. M said...

Hi Dawn, I can't remember how or when I found your blog, but do remember falling in love with your designs. I will never forget how honored I was to test Natalie for you, Zoe loved seeing her picture online! We moved from Germany and are now in Italy (heaven) - they sure know how to dress little ones here! Like Karen, I seem to spend more time looking than sewing these days, but with Kindergarten fast approaching, we need a whole new wardrobe, fast!

Dawn said...

Hello Angela, Aunt Honey, Kathy, Jo & Stephanie...I loved reading your posts..thanks for taking the time to say "Hi".

~ Angela, I've been wondering who my visitor from ireland was...and now I know. Someday i will make it to beautiful Ireland. It's high on my list of places to visit. Thank you so much for your encouragement and and kindness..it's greatly appreciated.

~ Aunt Honey, I just drove through GA a few months ago on our way to FL. to visit my folks. Abby loved that GA license plates have peaches on them because it's my nickname and one of her favorite fruits!!! She must have counted 200 peach plates and now whenever she sees one here she says "I know where that car is from!" I'll keep my fingers crossed for grand babies soon for you and lots of beautiful things to sew for them!

~ Kathy, Oh I envy you for your cool weather and gorgeous landscape. DH and I and visited your part of the world shortly after we were married and considered moving there...after living in VA for 12 years and suffering through our miserable summers now I wish we had!!! yes, I know Zura... we have emailed a few times and she is awesome!

~ Jo, Yup, I've been to Nebraska too... actually on our way to elope in Aspen many moons ago. Ah, smocking...this is something I am itching to learn as well. I have a friend who is anxious to teach me now I just have to make the time. I have some ideas as to how I can work it into some of my designs...

~ Stephanie, yes a very familiar name! I've been to you blog several times to see what you are up to. It's always so much fun to see what everyone else is sewing. yes, I am working on Lydia. i had a few bumps with that pattern but I am working them out. Fingers crossed I will have it done soon for you!

Great comments everyone...keep them coming. I am having so much fun with this!

Ronda said...

Hi Dawn I am Ronda from Walnut Ridge AR (it probably comes up as Jonesboro on the feedgit. I am 48 and have been married for 31 year to my highschool sweetheart. We have raised 3 boys an now have 2 granddaughters!!!! This has been one of my greatest blessings in life. I am a nurse practitioner and have been quilting for a few years now. I was blog hopping one day and came upon your site I have never made garments before. your patterns speak a language I understand and my granddaughters love them they are 3 and 4 years old. I am thrilled to be able to sew for them and that your beautiful Abby is growing ahead of them because I know you will keep making patterns . I look at your blog daily and have purchased many of your patterns and now I an anxiously waiting for more. Sewing and quilting have been a big stress reducer for me and I am loving it! Thank you for your beautiful creativity and sharing I have learned so much. Keep doing what you do so well!

Susan said...

Hi Dawn, I am Susan VH from Sebring FL. I have been visiting for a long time and have your Natalie pattern. One day I brought my dgd to the computer and showed her a pic of your daughter. She turned to me with the widest eyes and said "That's me ?!?!?!". They could be sisters... they do look alike. I sew for my dgds and also smock and do heirloom sewing. I belong to a SAGA chapter. I enjoy your blog... keep up the beautiful work.

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

Hi. I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, southeast of Nashville. I found your blog when I was looking for unique patterns to make children's clothes for the Etsy store that my friend and I have recently opened. This started because she and I both have boy granddarlings and there is absolutely nothing at our department stores that is unique.

I recently used your Natalie pattern for the flower girl in my niece's wedding that took place just this past weekend. She looked breathtakingly beautiful in that sweet dress and got so many compliments! I also have a beautiful cotton that I would like to make it up in for a little girl who saw the pattern and loved it because it would "swirl out."

I love your blog! I blog occasionally at http://www.blogher.com/member/sandyrobarts

Edna said...

Dawn, your site and your patterns are gorgeous! As mentioned before, the photography is awesome! Anyhow, so glad I found your site and blog and am now following. I love sewing for children (been sewing 42 years) and am hoping to start developing patterns (just 6 more classes to finish my AAS in Fashion Design). I saw your new pillow design in the YCMT site and was wondering if you would mind sharing the fabric source? It would be perfect for my black hole window in my new sewing room. See here: http://operation-home.blogspot.com
Look forward to seeing more of your designs, just breathtaking :-) Edna

Annette said...

Hi Dawn, I live in Helena, Montana and love your blog. I have downloaded patterns and made them for my 4-yr-old granddaughter Jessica. She absolutely loves them because they are so girly and fun to wear! You are on my blogroll so I follow you closely. I design handbag patterns so I am aware of how much hard work goes into pattern designing and I can tell you love it as much as I do. So thank you very much for your hard work and beautiful dresses!

Laurie said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm Laurie from Commerce Twp, MI. It is very hot here also.

I found your blog one day when I took a vacation day and was surfing. You know the rest of that story.

I sew for great nieces, nephews, and secret friends. I sew to use the gift I have been given to bring beauty into the world. Nothing looks better than a happy little one in a new outfit. I've been sewing since I've been 12.

Professionally, I'm an accountant. The nice German company I work for has a location in Murfreesboro, TN, so I know where you are Sandy. ;-)

I've love how the internet brings sewing people together and have made friends along the way.

Have to run. I am working at CAC tonight. This is my churches version on vacation bible school. I am assisting a friend in helping kids felt pizza tote bags.

Valinda said...

Hello Dawn, I found you blog hopping years ago and have LOVED everything I've seen! I have my own place on the internet www.onceuponacostume.com but your ability to create from scratch and how far you've taken your business is seriously inspiring. I love coming to see what you've made up "this week". I have 3 girls and if I could they would have one of all of your creations!! I have one of your patterns but I NEED to own more!! :) Oh yeah, and I live in Las Vegas, but you knew that, right? ;)

julie said...

Hi,Dawn, i love your blog. i am a 52year old nan to two girls and two boys with one due in October.we live in clovass australia and it's winter here,not to cold though.i have about seven of your patterns that i have made for the girls and the thing i love about them is you can make them and they fit without have to be reajusted.Love reading all the blogs about you and your beautiful family keep up the good work.

Janice said...

Hello Dawn , my name is Janice Pearson, I am from Huntsville, Texas. I love your article in Sew Beautiful!!!!
I also love your patterns! Keep up the good work!

mary said...

HI Dawn,Just found out about you from sewing beautiful and love your blog and patterns. It is right up my alley. I live in Marietta, GA and have 3 daughters whom I love to sew for. I hope you start making some patterns for size 9 and 10 since that is my oldest daughters size. I can't wait to try your patterns for my younger 2.

chickadee said...

Hi Dawn!! I have been a fan ever since I got my first pattern of yours (The Natalie Dress) almost two years ago. I have made that pattern for my baby girl the past two Easters!! Oh by the way, My name is Maria and I am from waaaay down south out of Mobile, Alabama!! I have 3 kids, two boys then my girl who is 5 going on 20!! I had 2 Grandmothers that made my clothes for me when I was little and that has inspired me to sew for my daughter!! I really love your patterns and think that God has blessed you with a special talent!! Thank you so much for sharing with us, and may God bless you and your family!!!

Dawn said...

Wow! Thanks to all of you for taking the time to share a little about yourself.

~ Mrs. M, I am so envious! I would love to live in Europe, in fact it's one of my big goals. I have been to Europe many times and each time I fall in love even more than the time before and it gets harder and harder to leave. MY DH is from Germany and he is starting to want to go back home as well. I've seen you visit a lot. Thank you for all of your support.

~ Rhonda, Nope, I've not been to AR. I used to do a lot of quilting (Pre-kids) and hope to start again someday but for now I am having the time of my life designing for little girls. Yes, I completely understand what you mean about pattern language...it can be very confusing to a lot of people. That's why I decided to write mine differently so that even the newest sewers could understand them. My passion for sewing has always been there and wanting others to be able to have success with sewing and loving it has been so much fun to see and hear about.

~ Susan, Oh now you really need to email me a photo of your dgd. I would love to see another little "Abby" as I's sure my Abby would too. They say "Everyone has a twin out there somewhere" maybe I have found hers.

~ Sandy, I receive so many requests from people to design for little boys as well. I have thought about it seeings how I do have three boys of my own but as I am sure you know there is such a fine line for boys and I have seen some really bad stuff out there for them. For me classic boy says nicely tailored pants or shorts and a simple button down polo shirt or a nice T and thats what mine live in. I did make a few things for them when they were very small but once they get past a certain age it get much harder and not nearly as much fun as girl stuff. If you have a chance please email me a photo of the dress you made. I really love seeing the things people make with my patterns.

~ Edna, congrats on working towards your degree in Fashion design. That's so exciting! There are times when I wish I had taken that path in college instead of teaching...but, now I get the best of both. I have been blessed with my talent for sewing/designing and my teaching degree comes in handy too because I homeschool all four of my munchkins. Best of luck to you!

~Annette, yes another familiar name/face. I have been to visit your blog many times to see what you are up to and I do love your bags. I was reading on your blog about you using Copic markers. I have never used them but I am so curious about them and itching to get a set for myself. But like you I am afraid i would want them all. Maybe one of these days I will splurge and buy a few to test them out. I just have a feeling I would be hooked. Thanks for joining me on this journey I know you have been a long time visitor.

Dawn said...

~ Laurie...What can I say! I owe you so much..you are the one who told SB about me and have always been there as a tremendous support....THANK YOU!!! I have a feeling that you might be my guardian angel!

~Valinda, I have to say when it comes to the business world I am pretty new to a lot of it. I have been very blessed and I never forget it. But I owe so much of my success to all of the people who have supported me and encouraged me. This journey has been so exciting and each and everyday I am so thankful for where it is taking me.

~ Julie, I was hoping one of my friends in Aus. would say hello! I just love that my patterns are becoming so popular in your part of the world. I get a lot of email from Aus. and I just smile each and every time I think about the fact that people around the world know about my designs...ah, the power of the internet.

~Janice, thank you for your comments on the Sew Beautiful article. I have to say I am still pinching myself about it. I would have never imagined seeing my designs or my daughter on the pages of one of my favorite magazines'. It truly has been a dream come true!

~Mary, Yes bigger patterns are on the list. With my daughter currently in a size 8 I am going to have to do something soon as she will soon be moving into bigger sizes. I do have a few ideas for teen/tween designs now to finish up all the patterns i currently have in various stages of development so i can move onto new design for growing young ladies.

~Chickadee, I loved hearing about your grandmas. I miss mine..these past few months without her has been very difficult as we were very close and she was always such an inspiration to me. However, I know that she is always with me in spirit and at times I feel her with me when I am sewing. She was just so proud of me and my accomplishments and that meant the world to me. Not a day goes by that i don't think about her and there is so much of her in me. Knowing that I am her legacy fills my heart.

Angela said...

Hi Dawn, I can't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm so glad I did! I live in the beautiful, Pacific NW, Washington state (it comes up as Camas, WA) where we're just now starting to see some summer weather. I have eight children which I also homeschool--five boys and three girls. My two oldest boys have left the nest, so we're down to just six left at home. My oldest girl is now 14, and I don't sew as much for her anymore as I did when she was a baby (she was my first girl after three boys!) But my 11 year old and 2 year old daughters receive the bulk of my sewing. I love to see your creations because I get so much inspiration from them. Thanks for sharing! ~~Angela

Kelly said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm Kelly from Flomaton, AL. I love getting ideas for making my two little girls clothes by looking at your blog. I love the way you mix and match prints!

Kori said...

Well I just found you today after my Sew Beautiful came in the mail! I love your dresses. I agree, girly but not too much. I am sad that they don't go up to a 9/10 size though! How hard or possible would it be to adjust any of them up a bit? Particularly Natalie, Miranda and maybe Elslie? I am from Arkansas and just don't have enough time to sew but have a girl and three boys who keep me busy!

Kathya said...

Hey Dawn!
My name is Kathya and i like to sew. i first saw your creating on SM but i got kicked out (i swear i am not a bad person)but i still try to find a way to follow you and your sewing.
i am so glad i am still up to date in what you are doing.
i have 3 little girls and love sewing for them but i dont have much time for that lately since i just had my little one about 3 months ago. my first homebirth. i love your blog and i cant wait to see what you end up creating in the next few months.

Annette said...

Hi Dawn, I'm Annette from Lexington Park, MD. I have been stalking, ahem, I mean following you for about 2 years now. I have been watching your progress (and Abby grow) and have been thrilled for you! I've also been waiting for my granddaughter to get big enough that I can make her some of your delightful designs. I'm only a 3 hour drive away from Williamsburg and visit there at least once a year! I wish you continued success!

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Hello Dawn,

I have just spent the most delightful afternoon sifting through each and every page of your blog! I first starting my Saturday afternoon reading our new publication of Williamsburg’s “Next Door Neighbors” and came upon an article called “Blogging Builds Her Business” – a little story of your success. It was such a nice article and lovely picture of the cutest little dress that I was curious to see more. So many beautiful dresses - and you daughter is such a talented little model.
Don’t you agree that Williamsburg is a completely lovely backdrop to raise your children? We only wish we could have moved here sooner. Our daughter just graduated college, but always thought it would be a great place to raise kids – we’ll maybe grandkids . . . we’ll see. We have been living here for 4 years now, but have traveled here practically every year for most of our 30 years of marriage.

Well, my talented Williamsburg neighbor, thank you for a lovely afternoon and congratulations on your well deserved success.
See you around town.
Ruth :)

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn. I discovered your blog over on Sewingmamas. I now live in Plano, IA. I am so excited that I now have a little girl of my own to sew pretty dresses for!

Cindy Hunsaker said...

Hi Dawn! Hope you had a blessed a Thanksgiving. Like everyone else, I love your shoppe. I raised 2 boys but have always have enjoyed making pretty little girl dresses. Your's are so cute and I think ruffles are so sweet on little girls. I live in Ridgecrest, CA in the Mojave Desert. Thank you for keeping me inspired. Cindy :+)


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