Friday, February 11, 2011

Apps For Cats???!!!

It's no secret that everyone at our house loves my iPad. Abby and Henry are quite frequently found curled up together on the sofa playing with the latest and coolest app. Well, the other evening, Abby discovered and downloaded an app for Milo...can you believe they actually have "Apps for cats"?! I was in my sewing room and there was suddenly tons of laughing coming from the other room and I went to investigate...this is what I found. Abby and Milo on the floor playing with the iPad and Milo having an absolute blast chasing the virtual mouse in the box. I have to say it was hysterical to see this in person...crazy cat! Not to mention that Abby was instructing him what to do and it appeared that he was listening to her. Those two are really best've heard about boys and their dogs...we've got a little girl and her cat.


1 comment:

db said...

OMGosh - never laughed so hard - might have to invest in an i pad just for this app!


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