Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tea For Two

Today I took a little break from pattern writing to work on the cover for "Miranda's Dress". I needed to get creative because it's just too cold outside to have Abby wearing this dress. So, Abby and I came up with the idea of having a tea party in her room with who else...Diddlina...of course. While I was out running errands this morning I stopped by and picked up some scrumptious desserts and a bouquet of pretty flowers to set on her table and by the time I got home Abby had already set her table and Diddlina was patiently waiting for her chocolate. Then it was time to put on the dress....Abby and I were both really excited because this was the very first time she has tried it on. I have to say, I wish you all could have heard the conversation that we were having during the photo shoot..."Mom, can I have just a tiny bite of one of those cookies?" "Those eclairs smell just divine...did you smell them mom?" "I bet that cupcake with the pink frosting is To Die For!" and so on... I was cracking up the entire time and pleaded with her to be patient for just a few more pictures. Finally, when I thought I had a few decent shots I said ..."Okay, dress off...let's get the boys and have a little dessert party in the kitchen!" Within seconds I had 4 willing testers to try out all of these extra special treats and I hoped I had a few good photos!



Goosegirl said...

Oh it looks so fun! Someday, I hope we can get our girls together for "Tea for four"!! Everything looks yummy!

Mama Lusco said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the yo-yo flowers and ric-rac. I hope you got to enjoy those yummy desserts, too :)

Cole's Corner said...

WOW! The treats and flowers look nice, but that dress is ah-maze-ing!
WOW. Really beautiful.

HerMommy said...

I'm local...where did you get those desserts??? Yum!


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