Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Open House In Our Classroom

It's Snowing!!

Holiday table....mmmm....smells just like Christmas.

Art Supplies

Henry and Bianca

Froebel Mobile

Colored Pencils

Cute little pine cone Hedgies

Music anyone???

Our grocery store/post office/puppet theater/ anything we want it to be....

Oh, Christmas Tree...Oh, Christmas Tree.....

Beeswax Creations

 Lots and lots and lots of markers...

... a peek into the barn

Farm animals

Watercoloring supplies

Fairy Stones

Fairies, Gnomes and Elves.....oh, My!!!

You can never have enough crayons....right???


German Alphabet cards

Our classroom Christmas Tree complete with all handmade decorations that 
Henry and Abby made...

Lots and Lots of paper.....


Crayons, Beeswax, Pastels and more paints...

...and even more things for creating with....

Toys, Books and paper recycling

and lots more books.... and this is only part of them!

 Happy Holidays!!!

Just for fun I thought I would give you a little peek into our classroom. After 4.5 years of living in this house we finally have figured out the perfect use for our loft....our classroom. Currently decked out in holiday finery complete with dozens of snowflakes falling from the sky. The kids and I just love our special I just wish it were about 5 times bigger! We have everything we need tucked into this small space but I have so many ideas of wonderful additions I would love to add but there just isn't space to go with any of it, as this room is already overflowing. Anyway, hope you enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by...



Christie said...

Your classroom is amazing! I love the way you have all the materials organized and readily accessible.

SinginginHisName said...

Oh my goodness! I adore the room! Its exactly how I would want it if I was married and had children! I would want all the supplies in bins and organized and of course it would get messy. But this seems to be a solution lots of bins and containers for it all and shelves. What an inspiration! I love your blog! My sister is starting to use your patterns for her home business. So I thought I would come over and see the blog she has been raving about. God bless and we adore your patterns and blog!

In Christ,


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