Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is.....

My two front teeth and snow!!!! 

Well, one out of two isn't bad!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Ours was chaotic as usual but what can one expect with 4 kids. Santa Claus was very good to all of us and yesterday we spent the day at home playing with all of our new toys, Mommy and Papi too!
Then around 1pm it started to snow and it hasn't stopped. Currently we have about 12" or so and it's still coming down in buckets. Of course the kids were itching to go out and play in it so we suited them up and sent them out....10 minutes later they were ready to come back in.

The other big news is Abby lost her two front teeth a few days before Christmas so she has been singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" non-stop! She looks so cute, but I certainly hope the two  new ones show up soon. I have tons of pictures to take this Spring and fingers crossed her new chompers are in by then.


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Laurie said...

Love it! My husband is so into snow! Abby is definitely cute too! My husband got a root canal for Christmas (a week before) and may need a second!

Now that we have had Christmas, can we have spring?


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