Friday, November 5, 2010

From Fairies to Elves...

"Felix & Gertrude"
(named after my German neighbors growing up in NY)

"Hans & Brigitta"

"Else & Ernst" (named after Ole's parents)

I cannot tell you how much fun the kids and I have had with those little fairies we made a few days ago. Well, I decided the fairies needed some neighbors and so we went hunting in our backyard forest and found these three little elf couples who were anxious to meet up with some other woodland friends. Actually, you know me and my insomnia...well if you can't sleep, you may as well be productive and create some magic! When Abby and Henry went out to play this morning they just flipped when they discovered these new little friends to play with... I also created 5 Gnomes for Henry's 5th birthday, which is just a few days away! But those are still a secret....Shhhhhhh.....


1 comment:

Goosegirl said...

Oh I love love love them!!! They are adorable!

And Henry is going to be 5!! OH MY!! Happy Birthday precious boy!!

Thanks for our chat the other day! I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


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