Monday, October 25, 2010

Paper Patterns, New Designs, House Rearranging, Waldorf and A Missing Cat!!!

Sorry....I went missing this week but everything is fine. I've been really busy with all sorts of new and exciting things. Talking to printers...yeah!!!! Everything looks great I just have to get all that information formatted onto a flash drive to take to them and then we are in business!!! I also created a new design which I am super excited about and I can't wait to show you, but I want to create a few more of them before I debut this new design because it's very special and I want you to see how lovely it truly is. I've also been working on Cecily, Bridget and Isabelle. Plus, I am rearranging the house again to create a new and very exciting space for the kids...but it's not finished yet so you will have to wait for pictures of that as well. Needless to say currently my house is turned upside down and it's a complete mess. My desk, which was in the loft is now back in my sewing room which makes more sense but it takes up a lot of valuable space which makes it even more "cozy" in there. So, I may need to shop for a new/old desk that is a bit smaller than my current desk and takes up lest space. Then I need to find space to relocate a lot of misc. other stuff that was up in the loft which was serving as my office space/catch all which drove me absolutely nuts. Now the loft is getting a serious make over and I am really excited about it.

Now for the big news of this week! As many of you know we are a homeschooling family and with four little ones it can be a bit challenging at times. I have a "system" that works really well with Oliver and Elliott but I have been a little lost in how I wanted to approach learning with Abby and Henry because they are very different in their learning style and interests from the two older boys. So, I have been carefully observing them and then had an "ah-ha" moment this week and set to work on research. By taking clues from them and knowing what they love and their learning style I have decided to go Waldorf with them and I am so excited!!!! I have been pouring over books, visiting Waldorf blogs/websites and last night I went over to my dear friends house for "Waldorf 101" and we had so much fun. We did wet on wet painting while we chatted and she shared tons of information and ideas and when I left her house I was so excited I was just bursting...hence...I didn't sleep last night because my mind is just racing. I am so excited about introducing them to so many new ideas and I know they are going to love it plus it just naturally fits into our lifestyle in so many ways and it's a really perfect solution for us.

Now, on a sad note...this weekend our beloved Milo went missing. We have looked for him, called him and there is no sign of him anywhere. Which is very unusual for Milo!!! Normally he is like clockwork and very predictable with his actions. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but normally doesn't stir too far from our house and lately has been spending more time indoors than outdoors. This morning as soon as they open I will be calling our local animal shelter as well as the humane society to see if they have any information. Maybe he wandered off and someone thought he was a stray and called the kitty cops on him. We are all just worried sick about him and miss him terribly. He has been with Ole and I since we first moved to Virginia and he was our "first child", so to speak. The kids have grown up with him and he is a part of our family. So please say a prayer and cross your fingers for his safe return back home and soon! Life just isn't the same without him.

So...How was your week????


UPDATE!!! MILO is HOME!!!! First thing this morning I called our local Human Assoc. and asked them if they had picked up an orange cat over the weekend. After a bit more description and them confirming if anyone came near him he got really upset and hissed at them I said "yup, that's Milo!" He is super gentle with people he knows and goodness knows the kids drag him all over the place but HE DOES NOT LIKE STRANGERS!!!! So, Ole and the kids all went to round him up and I am happy to announce he is back home and very happy!


Karen said...

SO glad you found Milo!!!

Amy said...

Great news about Milo!
Glad he's back home, safe and sound!

Dawn said...

Thanks so much ladies....yes, we are thrilled to have him home, but I'm sure Milo is even happier to be back home with us! Kitty Jail did not agree with him and I swear he is now suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome!


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