Friday, October 29, 2010

"Learning Beautifully" a New Blog!

This morning Abby, Henry and I did wet on wet painting...

As if I don't have enough stuff on my plate I have also decided to start a new blog which will chronicle our homeschooling life. It's called "Learning Beautifully" and you can go check it out here! All along we have been embracing more alternative attitudes in regards to schooling mixing different philosophies and attitudes. I don't think we fit into any one particular category and I really love that about our style. I am truly surprised with myself each and every day. How I am stepping further and further away from mainstream and adding more and more alternative/"crunchy" things into our daily life. We are eating healthier, are much more environmentally conscience and are teaching our children to be gentle souls. I keep telling Ole that we really need to move to either California, New England or the Pacific Northwest where we would fit in a lot more than we do here. I would have never believed 20 years ago that I would want to have a huge garden, lots and lots of land and that I would want to raise my own chickens...but I do! However, I really don't think my neighbors would appreciate that! So for now, I am finding ways to manage while living where we live, and finding peace with that. As Tim Gunn would say "make it work!" I am trying! If you have a moment go check out "Learning Beautifully" and see all the fun and beautiful things we are doing.



Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Yes! Please ove out to Oregon with us :) The community out here is AMAZING!!

Goosegirl said...

CALIFORNIA!!!!! That way, when I am soooooo busy that I can't remember when I promised to call you, we can get together!!!!! Ok, I know I am wacko and all, but really, you guys should move to Sonoma County!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!


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