Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins...

It's my absolute favorite time of year when the air is filled with hints of Fall right around the corner. Cool mornings and warm afternoons lead to chilly evenings when I can actually open the windows and sleep with a cool breeze blowing through our bedroom window and I can listen to the crickets in the distance...I have cinnamon candles burning and our fruit basket is filled to the rim with all kinds of apples. It's during this time of year when I am most inspired and I can't wait to put away the summer decor and bring out the autumn goodies...and the kids love it too. Just last week we got everything out and the kids and I had so much fun decorating for the season. Every year I try to add some fun new "mama-made" treasures to our growing collection. Garlands of handmade fabric leaves strung on vintage rick-rack, halloween finery and two years ago I even made the cutest "stuffed turkey" which we named "Tom" to be the centerpiece for our holiday table. Just the other day, the kids asked me what we were going to make this year. So, after a bit of thought I decided on "Pumpkins!" Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes made from bits and pieces from my scrap basket. The only thing we needed to purchase was a bit more fiber fill to stuff them with because we didn't have quite enough. So, for the past few days the kids and I have been working on this fun project and I think we finally have enough to show off. Although I don't think we are done making them...because they are too much fun and super fast and easy. Especially when you have an expert team of "stuffers". All you need to create these little beauties is some scraps of fabric, felt, embroidery floss, a doll making needle and lots of stuffing and within a few hours you too could have a plethora of pumpkins!

Happy Fall!!

Hmmmmm...I'm thinking maybe we need to make lots of apples next! These are terribly addicting...


Sarahnthegirls said...

Oh! Those are adorable. Did you use a tutorial to make them? I'd love to get my girls working on something like that. We, also, have a stuffed turkey named Tom. He's at the center of our fall decorations every year. The kids just love him.

Joy said...

I just came across your store and blog, and I wanted to leave you a comment because I love the name of your store! I have an Elyse (age 11), and an Abigail (age 9)! Lovely names!

And I love your fall decorating. It looks very nice and homey. :)


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