Friday, August 6, 2010

More Sewing For Fall

Front View

Back View

Bubble Skirt

As you can see I am having fun experimenting with this new little swingy top and bubble skirt combo. This time I decided to play with some of the amazing fabrics that I received from Riley Blake Designs. These prints are from their "Felicity Collection" by Emily Taylor Designs. I had so much fun putting this outfit together this morning...yes, I know I'm super speedy...but this little swingy top and skirt go together really fast. When Abby came down this morning she just fell in love with it! Now, to just find some awesome shoes/boots to go with it!



Stephanie said...

I'm loving those dress skirt combos. Hope it makes the cut for a pattern. I've been doing fall/winter sewing too. The excuse I'm using is that i want Emily to have a whole closet full of beautiful mama made clothes the moment it gets cold. Mind you I'm just a touch further south so unlikely to happen anytime soon.

organicmommy said...

absolutely adorable. I want to be doing fall sewing but instead Im melting in the garden and kitchen canning veggies!

Misty said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I haven't even started my summer sewing yet!

michal said...

Love it, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the top in particular! My kids won't wear anything I make, so I think I just haven't found quite the right style for them yet - or I'll have to give up on them and sew for someone else!

Beth said...

I think I like this swingy top even more!


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