Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abby's Diddlina Rescue Center

As many of you know Abby is head over heels in love with her beloved "Diddlina" that Ole brought her back from Germany a few years ago. Diddlina is her best friend and they do everything together!!! Oddly, she's kinda like another person around here. Lately, Abby has been telling us that Diddlina wants a sister!! She wants someone to play with, share clothes with and giggle with...just like sisters do. Abby said that it's lonely for her in the US when most of her family is back home in Germany. Which for the most part is true. Diddlina is kinda like Hello Kitty in the US and everywhere you go in Germany you can easily find them but not here. So, I said to Abby that we should check on Ebay to see if maybe we might be able to find a Diddlina here that might need a new home. Abby was over the moon so we went looking. We found several of them that really needed to find a new home. That's when Abby announced her plans to open a "Diddlina Rescue Center" ...I just about melted. She ran into her bedroom and grabbed her piggy bank and came and dumped the contents of it on my desk and said " many can we rescue with this?" We found three that fit into her budget and added them to our cart. Needless to say they are on their way to their new home. Abby has already set up beds for them, has clean clothes laid out for them and she has started preparing a feast of pretend food for them. Keeping in mind that they may be lactose intolerant like their big sister. Abby is making sure to find healthly options instead of cheese. Abby discovered that Diddlina was allergic to cheese shortly after she arrived and since then has been very careful to monitor her diet to avoid poor Diddlina getting a very upset tummy. Needles to say Diddlina has become a chocolate loving mouse and we are happy to announce that she doesn't miss cheese at all! Abby also plans to sign up the new mice for Karate lessons just like our Diddlina...because a girl has to know how to protect herself from rogue cats and other pests. We are all anxious for our new little friends to start arriving. Today Abby said we need to make a big sign for her bedroom door that says "Abby's Diddlina Rescue Center". So, if you happen to know of a sweet little German mouse that needs to find a very loving home we are open for business and now taking in unwanted or homeless mice.



Karen said...

That just about the sweetest story ever! Abby has such a caring soul.

organicmommy said...

She is such a doll!! Way to go Abby!

Laurie said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, as I am living in Luxembourg ... and am often in germany ... I might be able to be of service ;-)


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