Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 6

Back with yet another "Phoebe" except this time all done up in Art Gallery fabrics "Sugar" collection. Oh, how I love this collection. So, many fun and happy prints and the colors.....fantastic!!! There were so many of these fabrics that I just loved it was hard to choose just a few. So, the perfect solution was to use a whole bunch of them in this little strip work jumper.

These photos were actually taken on the grounds of the fabulous little country restaurant that we fell in love with. It used to be a quaint little country farm and the remains of the old barn still remain in the back. You should have seen the ancient equipment that was there. I have no idea what it all was but it looked very cool! Abby had an absolute ball running around trying to catch butterflies and looking at all the beautiful flowers in their garden. We hated to say goodbye, but I promised her we would go back there someday soon!

stop back tomorrow for the next stop on our tour...



Martha said...

Her dresses are darling, but I don't think you could pay a more willing model. You can tell she just loves it. That makes the pictures.

Beth said...

What fun fabrics! Loving all these great dresses!


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