Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greetings From The Sweat Shop!!!

I have been a sewing maniac over the past few days and you should see all the dresses that are hung up all over the place in my sewing room! It's actually starting to look more like a chinese laundry. I have over 15 dresses to photograph!!! Tomorrow Abby and I are going to go out on a major all day photo shoot to some old Southern Plantations which are very close to use in hopes of some great photo ops. I can't wait...I just hope it's not too hot and that we both don't melt. I am packing lots of snacks and bottled water for the trip. I've also recruited an assistant to help...I am sure a few more hands will be a welcomed change. All of the dresses that will be going to Minneapolis are complete. This reminds me so much of last year when I was sewing up samples to go off to Pittsburgh. Except this time I have done twice as many and I am even more frantic than I was before. Once again I feel like I am on Project Runway in the final hours before my collection is debuted. Clipping threads, making last minute adjustments and making sure everything is perfection! Once we have the pictures they are getting packed up and shipped off but I wanted to give you a little peek at one of the dresses I made up with the new Art Gallery "Paradise" collection. Isn't this fabric gorgeous!!!! Maybe we can convince Terri to order it for the shop, what do you think???



Goosegirl said...

It is gorgeous Dawn! And of course Abby is such a doll baby!
I love the fabric and you know I love that little ruffle detail. So beautiful. Have fun at your photo shoot and I can't wait to see pics!

Laurie said...

I hope you have a great big bundle of cards with your internet information for those that will be looking for your patterns after they see the samples!

Hopefully you will be able to show us more after the show and get the patterns completed.

Karen said...

Absolutely darling! Is this one of your existing patterns--if so, which one? Or will this be a new release at Quilt Market

Beth said...

Love the ruffle detailing and the bows at the sides - what a gorgeous dress!

Karen said...

Stunning as usual :D

organicmommy said...

OMG that dress is absolutely adorable. I love seeing your creations and I so want to make more and more of the stuff you design. So timeless!


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