Monday, April 5, 2010

"Playing Project Runway"

No Big Surprise, I am a huge Project Runway fan! Saturday morning I decided to take advantage of a quiet house early in the morning and catch up on the latest episode of PR. 1/2 way into the show Abby trots downstairs with her usual huge "Good Morning Smile" and notices I am watching it..."Mommy, you are watching your favorite show, Project Runway!"... I respond with a "Yes, I am. Do you want to watch it with me?" Abby snuggled up on the sofa next to me and we watched it together. During the next commercial break Abby says to me "Mommy, if they had a Project Runway where they designed clothes just for kids, you would win for sure!" Okay, she actually made me cry...that was just the sweetest thing to say especially coming from my 6 year old.

We continued watching the show an Abby payed close attention to the runway. Her next funny comment was "Mommy, those dresses are nice but I am more "Fashion-er" than those ladies." Oh, out of the mouths of babes. But she was very interested in what the judges had to say and she actually picked one of the winners. She too loved Emilio's dress, mainly because of the sparkles, but she said... "It would have been even prettier if he made it in pink!"...imagine that coming from my "Pink-crazed" little girl!

After it ended, I was in my sewing room playing with fabric and thinking about what I wanted to create next and Abby comes into my sewing room and says "Mommy, I know a really fun new game we can play together." I of course was anxious to see what my clever little one had come up with this time. "We can play "Project Runway! You make a new dress for me and then I can model it." At that point she struck a pose at one end of our pretty long kitchen...she strutted through the kitchen...stopped at the end...struck another pose...swished around...and then strutted back to where she had started. Who knew our kitchen could double as a cat walk?

I, of course, thought it was just about the cutest thing! Then thought. "Oh, if only I could freeze her at this age and make it last longer." Because I know these days of the two of us having fun like this are numbered. Soon, she most likely won't want to have any part of this and then I will have to look for a new little model. But it will never be the same. Abby and I have so much fun together, she really is my little buddy and I treasure these moments with her like this. Yet, another reason to love blogging. Not only to I get to share these moments with you, but I can now preserve these moments in type to look back on someday and remember!

btw...Thanks to so many of you who took the time to email me and wish me a Happy Birthday! Yes, I had a lovely day. It was very relaxing. The kids had a blast during their Easter egg hunt and then had a bartering session amongst each other for trading candy. I did research on the web and then even took a nap! Later in the day we BBQ-ed and had a fabulous steak dinner! Yumm-O! Hope you all had a fabulous Easter too!



Beth said...

You did see the one with kids clothes a few weeks ago, right? I think I'd have to agree with Abby - your stuff was definitely cuter than some of the stuff they made!
Enjoy those special times with her!!!

Beth said...

oh yeah - Happy Birthday, too!


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