Friday, April 9, 2010

"Mac" Honeymoon

This past week seems like a complete blur... and I think I need a break. I have been on a serious "Mac-honeymoon" and need to step away from the computer and get back to reality. I have so much to do and it's seriously been neglected this week...a ton of laundry, housework, pattern drafting, sample making, homeschooling, and being a wife and a mom!!! Besides my butt hurts from sitting so much in front of this amazing new toy of mine. However, the good news is I actually managed to create a whole new website for my store! You'll have to go check it out. But, I am learning a whole bunch of new things about computers/cyberspace that I never knew, or really thought about before.

For instance, I used iWeb to design my new site which was a breeze and so much stinkin' fun. When I was finished it looked amazing on my monitor crisp, clear and really pretty, but much to my surprise, I quickly realized that's not one everyone else out there sees...Oi!!! This is getting frustrating! I was just sick when I discovered this yesterday afternoon. I had a few of my close friends go look at my new site before I went live and they were not loving it and I was scratching my head "thinking ????" Then a friend pointed out to me that it looks much different on a Mac than it does on a PC...I went into Oliver and Elliott's room and looked at my site on their computers and when I saw it I felt ill! is that possible that it could look so different???? The colors were completely different and things were not as perfect as they were on my computer. So, now I am am crushed, all that work and it looks like crap to 95% of the world.

So, do I build an entire new site that is more PC friendly or just leave it the way that it is? This is after all my business and I want to have an amazing website that is beautiful to everyone. Let me know what you think. Or if you have a Mac and have any suggestions to this "MacNewbie" as to how to fix this, I am all ears!!! do me a favor go check it out and give me your opinions! Keep it the way that it is or do it over again!



Cindy said...

Dawn....I put my mac next to my pc and compared your website. The colors are a little less vibrant on the pc....but other than that they look identical on mine. But even still looks amazing!!! You have been busy!!! Great job! I'd go with what you looks great!

Cathy said...

Whaahooo! I love the new website....its so pretty!!! Just like all of your creations! Congratulations!!!

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

I'm a mac-user too, and I run windows on fusion on my mac so that I can easily switch between the two and ck my website after I work on it in iWeb.
Your website looks great!

Julie Deuvall said...

I have a PC and I think your new site looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job and should be proud of yourself!

Beth said...

I checked it out on my Mac & my iPhone - looks great on both!!! My husband has a PC laptop, but he's at work, so maybe I'll have a chance to check it on there when he comes home.

Dawn said...

Thank so much for checking it out for me. It seems like it's not quite as bad as i thought. So, for now I guess it's fine, but I may make a few minor adjustments to tweek it just a bit later on.Thanks so much for all your help!!!

Goosegirl said...

Dawn, I think it looks great! I am on my mom's MAC and have her PC monitor right next to it and it looks pretty there too.
I am glad your are having fun with your lovely new toy. "Once you go Mac, you never go back!" Heehee!

little dresses said...

It didn't look bad to me at all Dawn. Keep in mind that different monitors can make a big difference too. Another thing- the mac vs pc is a CONSTANT struggle for ANYONE who runs a website. It's near impossible to make it perfect for both systems.

Don't worry, you will find a balance that you like....but seriously, I think it looks great!

Your crazy bunkmate ;)

Oh my goodness!!! We are going to be at market soon!!

April said...

It looks good to me! :) A couple images aren't showing up but my server seems to be acting up today. I can't even get my shipping site to load to print packing labels - grrrr, so it may not be your site.

I always enjoy your colors - the periwinkle blue and pale yellow are soft and pretty!

Ryan said...

I use apple its unique nothing better than it.Just like all of your creations! Congratulations!!!
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