Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet Rebecca!

Meet the latest member of my "family". This is "Rebecca", a sweet, fun and sassy sundress with lots of really special touches. I've designed this one with a bunch of options. Funky pockets...or not, a whimsical bubble hem...or not, ruffles...or not and a sweet ribbon sash...or not. You decide how you want to make yours. Add one, two, three or all four options to make this exactly the way that you want. Abby loves this one and insisted on wearing one today so coming from a spunky 6 year old that is high praise!

I am hoping to work on finishing up "Lauren" this week and then start the drafting for "Rebecca". Which means I need to chain myself to my desk instead of doing what I really want to do which is sew! Oh, if only I had several clones to do all the things I want/need to do. Remember that movie that was out a few years ago with Michael Keaton.."Multiplicity"? That sounds like heaven right about now. I am struggling with that same old problem as always...too many ideas and NOT enough time!!!



Goosegirl said...

Dawn, I love Rebecca so much! And yeah, I am in the same place, chained to my desk. However, we have snow now so at least it is keeping me in the house. Happy Wednesday you busy girl!

little dresses said...

LOVE IT! Good work!



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