Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Man Is A Genius!!!

For those of you who have never curled up with your kids and read a Roald Dahl book, I must say "You can't imagine what you are missing!" This man knows how to write a FANTASTIC story!!!! For the past several days the kids and I have been devouring his books and having the best time. I can't even begin to pick a favorite. So far we have read "James and the Giant Peach",
"George's Marvelous Medicine". "The BFG" and "The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me" and we have many more to go. Currently we are loving "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Of course, we have all seen the original movie and loved it, but it's fun to read the book and make comparisons to the movie. Next we move onto "Charlie and The Great glass Elevator" which I am really looking forward to because I never read that one as a child. I have to say..."That homeschooling is wonderful in so many I get to learn, do and read a lot of things I never had the chance to do when I was a kid." Of course I appreciate it so much more now as an adult, and it makes me so happy for my kids that I have the opportunity to introduce them to so many wonderful things.

Okay, back to Roald Dahl....his stories are pure magic for kids and a fun for the grown-ups too. Also, I wanted to mention that I got both of the cookbooks that go with his stories, "Revolting Recipes" and "Even More Revolting Recipes", that way the kids and I can have great fun cooking up some fabulous recipes that go along with the stories we are reading. I think we may just have to make Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight or Fizzy Lifting Drinks before we finish reading "Charlie..."

What's your favorite Roald Dahl Book?



Tabitha said...

Gwen's fave books of his are The Magic Finger, Matilda, BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox....

Sharon said...

Wow. What a coinky-dink! My girlfriend just the other day recommended his readings for my daughter. I ordered several of his books from the Scholastic book club. Now I'm really intrigued!

Carol D said...

Hi Dawn,
I came across your website from sweetwater blog, and I ust say I love your dresses, when my daughter was little I used to make all her dresses, and now my Grandaughter Grace is six, I love your patterns and your little girl Abby is so much like Grace I think a pattern purchase is on the cards, do your patterns come on a PDF or something?

Anyway one of the reasons I am commenting on your Rhoal Dahl post is that when y kids were little he was always a favourite and now he is a favourite of Grace's too. He lived and worked just down the road for where I live in the UK and we went to the museum and Grace was so thrilled by it all and even sat in his chair. Her Favourite is Fantastic Mr Fox.

Hugs Carol xxx


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