Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Amateurs!

We were surprised this past weekend with a very rare treat for our part of the world! SNOW and not just the dusting we sometimes get. We got REAL snow, about 10" or so. Of course my kids were over the moon with excitement because this was the very first time they have ever really had a chance to play in the white stuff. So sad...I know! I grew up in snow country as did Ole so we are old pros but, as Ole put it so perfectly our kids are "snow amateurs". Now keep in mind we never really buy heavy duty snow gear because it would be a complete and total waste of money because it would never get used. So, I had to suit the kids up in layers and layers of the warmest clothes they have. I went into the depths of my closet to dig out my own collection of scarves, mittens and hats to see what we could rig up so they wouldn't freeze to death. One by one I got them all bundled each one wearing warm jammies under several layers of socks, pants, shirts, sweaters and hoodies. Then hats, coats, mittens, scarves and boots....after number 4 I was exhausted!!! They all had the time of their lives making snowballs, snow angels and just playing in the white stuff. Of course there were many trips back for adjustments "Mom, my hat is in my eyes", "Mom, can you fix my scarf", "Mom, I'm freezing!!!"

They all lasted about an hour or so and then one by one they had had it! So back inside and time to un-peel them from the now freezing, wet and snowy layers of clothes. Then they all warmed their frozen fingers and toes by the fireplace and I handed out mugs of hot cocoa.

Of course, because our part of the world is not used to snow most everything has been either closed or delayed for the past several days. The roads are still a mess and the plows don't even bother to come into neighborhoods. Mainly due to the fact that they don't have enough equipment to handle even a small amount of snow. Of course I just giggle because growing up in Upstate NY it could be a full on blizzard and life would just continue as normal and no one thought any different of it....here, they basically roll up the streets and just wait for it to melt and then life can resume.

Snow Amateurs!



Goosegirl said...

Wow Dawn! You are not kidding! So fun for your kids to see real snow. I would be thrilled to not have anymore snow this year, but it is really fun for the children. The last few snows, school was not canceled even when the power was out and the snow was blowing sideways. Not fun at all.
I hope there were many snow angels and snowball fights in your yard. And homemade cocoa is the best!

little dresses said...

Shut-up! You got snow?! That's totally unfair! That's it, I'm writing "old man winter" a dirty letter!

Kristy said...

So funny, We too got snow here, which is rare. And we did the exact same thing. Of course I am from Western NY and know what you mean. Looks like they had a blast out there

Sarahnthegirls said...

I had to laugh out loud while reading this post! We must be in the same part of the country b/c we, too got a rare snow and completely shut down our area b/c no one knows how to deal with it. The kids sure had a blast though. Finally, school is back in session today and things can get back to normal.... until Friday when we are expecting another ice storm. Yikes.


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