Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guess Who?

Yup, that's me when I was little! Pretty cute, huh? I was going through boxes of old stuff and finding all kinds of treasures and I stumbled upon this picture of me and I thought it would be fun to blog about it and give you all a little peek at what I looked like as a little girl.

Gosh, I loved this dress. It was navy blue and white, with a big white collar and the bow was a golden yellow. Oh, so 60's! It would actually be so much fun to re-create a dress similar in style, but I have a feeling Abby would be like "Mom. you've got to be kidding...right?" I don't think I could get her to wear this even for a monster sized bag of gummi bears! So, maybe it's better left alone and I can cherish the memories.

I actually still look pretty much the same. I even have the same haircut, it's just a little more stylized now and a little more gray! Thank goodness for being a blonde...only I can see those pesky little buggers.

When Oliver and Elliott saw the picture they immediately said "Awww look how cute Abby is!" They were in complete disbelief when I said..."that's not Abby, that's me!" No wonder everywhere we go people are always commenting how much we look alike. My parents were here this past week visiting and they refer to Abby as "Mini-me" because they said it's just like having me as a little girl all over again. Except Abby is much more of a pistol than I ever was. Oh, her teacher is either going to love love love her or Abby is going to drive her nuts! We'll soon find out! I actually have a picture of me on my first day of kindergarten floating around here somewhere. I should dig it out. But I remember exactly what I had on. A white blouse, a mini skirt (remember it was 1970) with big navy and red flowers on it, white knee socks and navy blue Mary Janes and I was stylin'! My hair was in pig tails with red ribbons tied in bows and I had a holly hobbie lunchbox. My best friend Suzy and I walked to school together like the big kids that we were with our moms tagging behind. Oh, the good old days!


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