Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm A Basket Case!!!

Well....not really, but I did score a ton of baskets this weekend when I went out thrifting! I'm busy working on a new home improvement project and I need a lot of baskets for it. So, I decided to go to a few thrift stores to see what I could find. I am pretty new to the whole thrift store scene, but I am learning how to look for real treasures vs. the real junk. Thanks to my buddy Sabrina, who is a self proclaimed Thrift Store Genius I am getting tons of great advice on what's "hot" and what's "not"! I have to say there was a ton of really nice baskets to be had and for rock bottom prices! I got 15 baskets, and most of them are pretty big for less than $20! You couldn't even come close to that in the stores!!! I will be sure to post pics when my project is complete!


1 comment:

little dresses said...

Ooooo! I have a basket fetish! I can never resist buying a basket, even if it's in bad shape -that just adds character!

Have fun thrifting! Watch out though, it can be very addictive ;)



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