Friday, June 12, 2009

Lovely Lemons

My Top 10 Reasons For Loving Lemons

1. Make a delicious dessert- think lemon meringue pie, a lemon tart, a lemony pound cake with fresh berries or a refreshing lemon sorbet.

2. Excellent with chicken and pasta, it just adds that special something to make foods taste better.

3. Squeeze a lemon into a glass bowl filled with water and then put it all into your microwave on High for a few minutes. The steam loosens "things" in your microwave and makes for a super easy, environmentally safe cleaner and it smells wonderful too.

4. Use that same lemon water to wipe down your counters for a sparkling countertops.

5. Discard your used lemon rinds into your garbage disposal and it does an amazing job of freshening your disposal and filling your kitchen with the lovely smell of lemons!!!

6. For a sore throat add honey and lemon to tea and enjoy. Your throat will feel better before you know it.

7. Use lemon juice as a rinse on your hair. It naturally lightens it and leaves it squeaky clean and soft.

8. Use half a lemon and jam it onto an upright in your dishwasher to clean and freshen it. Smells fresh, helps cut grease and has got to be more eco-friendly that those plastic lemon shaped things you can buy to do the same job.

9. Make a delicious salad dressing to pour over fresh greens for a delicious salad.

10. Squeeze a bunch of lemons and make good Ole fashioned lemonade.

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