Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heirloom Bread Baking

My dear friend April posted a thread on her blog the other day with a family recipe that sounded delicious. However, this batch makes 6 loaves at a time, so it all has to be done by hand. This morning I was up for the challenge and set to work on making a weeks worth of bread all at once. Normally, I just do 2 loaves at a time and I cheat and use my Kitchen Aid, so this was going to be a fun new experience of doing it all by hand. My only problem was...did I actually have a bowl large enough to hold all those ingredients? I used the biggest one I could find and trust me there was little to no wiggle room. So, if is going to become a beloved recipe in our family I will have to invest in a much bigger bowl. I have to say it was a lot of fun and quite the work out too. But all in all very easy to do, as with all homemade bread baking it's just the investment of time.

I just took all of them out of the oven and I cannot tell you how amazing the house smells. I can't wait for them to cool down a bit so I can cut into a loaf and spread some yummy homemade strawberry jam on it. If you want to give this recipe a try go over to April's Blog and grab the recipe. Thanks to April for sharing this family treasure!


April said...

Dawn!!!! THEY LOOK PERFECT!!!!! OH, I hope, I hope, I hope you like it the recipe as much as we do. If you don't - just pretend you do. LOL!

April said...

I don't know if I told you - we freezer bag the loaves and pull one out as we need it. I do NOT like the Ziploc brand of freezer bags - they leave a HORRIBLE plastic-y smell/taste. I prefer the generic no-name freezer gallon-size bags. (fyi)

Dawn said...

Oh My Gosh...the bread is just amazing. We've already gone through a loaf(I have 4 kids at home) it was extraordinary with the fresh jam, honey and of course Nutella! But now I need to go on-line to see if I can find a Mega-bowl.

Thanks so much for the freezer bag tip. I am going shopping tonight so I will pick up some cheapo generic freezer bags.

April said...

Ohhhhh - I'm so glad!!!! I have a couple slices on practically a daily basis (popped in the toaster and warmed, it's just like it's out of the oven!) Mmmmmmmmhmmmmmm - I looooove this bread.

Goosegirl said...

YUM! They look fab! And I am hoping to try the recipe soon.


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