Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love This Little Guy

Even though Henry is a handful sometimes, I cannot tell you how much I cherish this little guy. He has so many wonderful qualities. His never ending curiosity, that impish little grin, his never ending supply of hugs and kisses, or the fact that he drags that green blankie around with him everywhere with his thumb in his mouth. You can't help but fall in love with him. Everywhere we go people are always saying how cute he is and that he looks like an angel. If they only knew.... I now understand how the last child is somehow special. I have a feeling he will get away with a lot more than the other three and he will be "babied" more than all the others too. Of course it's comes easily considering his petite size. At 3.5 Henry is still a little peanut and completely easy to scoop up in your arms and cuddle. In some ways I wish he would stay like this forever, but then I remind myself what a little nightmare he is and then I want him to grow-up just a little.



Amy said...

Yes, the last one is definitely the baby of the family! My Briley is 8 and I still consider her the baby, I realize that she is capable of doing more than I give her credit for, but still... she's my last one - I am cherishing every thing we do together! I will never get these precious times back with my own children!

little dresses said...

"Last Baby Syndrome"...I know it so well....My little Maddie would be perfectly happy to sit in my lap and be held all day everyday- and I love it :) Get as many of those kisses as you can!!!



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