Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gearing Up For Summer Vacation

Like so many families we plan to stay home this summer and do more of a "Stay-cation". We are planning several day trips but for the most part we will be at home. With four kids ranging in age from almost 10 to 3, I need to have a pretty big arsenal of ideas and activities planned to keep little imaginations and hands busy. I have decided to dub this "The Summer of Vintage Fun" meaning lots of games and art projects that were "cool" when I was little and even when my parents were young. I have started a list and I am continually adding to it. For instance...remember "Mother May I" and "Red Light, Green Light"? I can remember playing those in the evening with my girlfriends as the street lights were coming on and the sounds of the frogs croaking was getting louder. Hours of playing paper dolls, making homemade ice cream, playing hopscotch, flying kites, laying in the grass and looking for cloud shapes, picnics, lemonade stands and jumping rope. Ahhhh.... the good ole days! Before DVD's, video games, and so many other annoying things that have been introduced as entertainment. Of course our summer will not be completely un-plugged but I am going to try to limit the use of electronic devices.

I am stocking our Art supplies and digging in my memory banks for ideas. I would love any suggestions you can think of. I want to show the kids how to make "god's eyes" with sticks and yarn, friendship bracelets, Boondoggle, rock painting, spin art ( with a cheapo salad spinner) just to name a few ideas. I also want to focus on using a lot of recycled materials and keep spending to a minimum.

I am really looking forward to having lots of fun with my kids this summer and teaching them a bunch of new things. You'll have to check back often to see what we are up to.


Tanya said...

Have you tried Papel Picado (paper cutting)? You do it with fine paper/tissue paper. There are templates you can download for intricate designs. Basically think the old school cut out snowflakes, but more intricate. My kids did it at a homeschooling expo last year and loved it.

April said...

Our son studied Laura Ingalls Wilder at school this last quarter. It's been fabulous. He had to present a report on games from the 1800's. It was fun to see games that I recall playing at my grandparents house. My grandfather was a carpenter so he made us wooden round rings (about 16 inch diameter) and then long sticks with a flat piece on the end... the goal was to run and see how long you could keep your ring rolling without it falling down. I like your idea and will definitely be checking back!

Dawn said...

April, believe it or not I am related to Laura Ingalls Wilder! My cousin did our family tree a while back and indeed, Laura and I are cousins. Which I think is the coolest thing because growing up that was my absolute favorite tv show and it still is high on my list. Thank goodness for the Hallmark channel. The funny part of that is, originally my name was to be Laura. Until my grandmother said she didn't like it and my parents changed their mind and this was way before we new about the family connection. How cool is that!!!


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